I have two panels added to a form. The idea is to create a step 1, step 2 type 
functionality where after clicking next on panel 1, it hides and shows Panel 2.

I have a checkbox on Panel 1
                add(new CheckBox("single", new 
PropertyModel(SelectionPanel.this, "single")));

and I have the following link
                add(new AjaxLink("next") {
                        public void onClick(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
                                panel1.add(new AttributeModifier("style", new 
                                JQueryEffectBehavior effectBehavior = new 
JQueryEffectBehavior("#panel2", "slide", slideOptions, 400);

I submit the form using AjaxButton on panel2 where I log out the PropertyModel 
data. The data shows the defaults for single in panel1 but is fine for any data 
in Panel2

I have narrowed it down to when I call target.add(panel1) in the onClick.

Does this call clear any Model data that has not been submitted?

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