I have looked into that issue a bit further.

On 17 August 2014 17:23, Mihir Chhaya <mihir.chh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have used WQuery Dialog for Wicket 1.4 and could make it work in center
> using setMinimumHeight and setMinimumWidth methods when adding dialog.

That's true, but this is part of the problem. Since this only takes
effect when adding the dialog, it will not change after the page  (and
therefore the generated Javascript code containing the settings) has
been rendered.

Since the dialog is shown using Javascript, Wicket will normally not
even know about this. One can probably add some Javascript code to the
links that open the dialog, but that does not seem very robust as
there does not seem to be any official API for manipulations like this
(one would have to read the generated Javascript code and write some
stuff that changes the settings).

I now ended up with two "global" dialogs, one for a small dialog that
is shown in the center of the page and one for large dialogs that is
positioned at the top. Not elegant, but it does the job.

I actually doubt that using WiQuery for the dialogs actually leads to
any benefit at all. I inherited the code I am working with, and not
using Wicket's standard dialog API seems to make code harder to
understand, less maintainable why not leading to obvious optimization.



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