Hello all,

I have been trying repeatedly to get a download code that I had previously
working on a non-https server work on a different server with HTTPS enabled.

I keep getting an SSLHandShake error, and on researching further found I
may need to install and enable SSL certs on Tomcat. Problem is I still get
this error even after enabling SSL on Tomcat.

This is extract from my code below:

private void downloadReport(ReportFormat format) {
        final String formattedUrl = formatUrl(urlWithoutFormat, format);
        try {
                    new ResourceStreamRequestHandler(new
AbstractResourceStreamWriter() {
                public void write(OutputStream out) throws IOException {
                    String url = getReportUrl(formattedUrl);
                    log.debug("Generated URL: " + url);
                    Streams.copyAndClose(new URL(url).openStream(), out);
            }, "fv_report." + format.getFormat()));
        } catch (Exception ex) {
            log.error("", ex);

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