WicketStuff core 6.17.0/7.0.0-M3 based on Apache Wicket 6.17.0/7.0.0-M3 are
released and soon will be available in Maven Central.


The changelog for 6.17.0 release is:

Hannes Dohrn (1):
      [async-tasks-impl] Adding refreshBehavior in ProgressButton ctor if
task container already running

Jered Myers (1):
      [lightbox2] Updated to the latest version of lightbox2 from
http://lokeshdhakar.com/projects/lightbox2/.  Removed unused that were
from earlier versions.

Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov (24):
      [parent] Build against Wicket 6.17.0-SNAPSHOT
      [annotation] Fixes #317 - Use HomePageMapper for mount path "/"
      [openlayers] Add SphericalMercatorLonLat
      [scala] Upgrade ScalaTest and scala-maven-plugin
      [inmethod-grid] Fixes #333 - Reintroduce SizeUnit#PERCENT
      [datatables] Fixes #336 - Upgrade DataTables to 1.10.2
      [openlayers] Remove a wrongly cherry-picked file from master
      [datatables] Add basic support for Bootstrap theme
      [datatables] Add support for sorting (
      [datatables] Add an example of multi column ordering
      [datatables] Extract the Person related classes to outer classes
      [datatables] Use released version of jquery-selectors
      [datatables] Extract DataTablesBehavior
      [datatables] Add support for colspan (
      [datatables] Add support for state saving
      [datatables] Add support for alternative pagination (
      [datatables] Add support for scrollY, scrollCollapse and to disable
      [datatables] Add support for scrollX (
      [datatables] Add an option for rowCallback
      [datatables] Add a demo how to select a row with jQuery
      [datatables] Add an option for deferLoading
      [datatables] Add support for createdRow
      [datatables] Add support for lengthMenu option
      Set versions to 6.17.0

Maxim Solodovnik (3):
      [whiteboard] Wb js code is better organized, exceptions are fixed
      [whiteboard] variable for WB callbackURL is added to wb.js

Peter Henderson (1):
      [scala] Enhanced Fodel, added companion object which has nice apply
methods so Fodel can be used without 'new'

cmiles74 (44):
      [openlayers3] Incremented OpenLayers version.
      [openlayers3] Added transparent transformation to points.
      [openlayers3] Altered the default center for new OpenLayerMap
      [openlayers3] Updated examples.
      [openlayers3] Added comments, cleaned up imports.
      [openlayers3] Updated Wicket AJAX calls.
      [openlayers3] Altered test to compare contents of the JSON object.
      [openlayers3] Completed first pass at OpenLayers3 support.
      [openlayers3] Started work on OpenLayers3 examples.
      [openlayers3] Added a simple map example.
      [openlayers3] Added the simple map page.
      [openlayers3] Added jrebel.xml to the ignore list.
      [openlayers3] Worked on the examples.
      [openlayers3] Removed erroneously committed file
      [openlayers3] Moved the OpenLayers3 README file
      [openlayers3] Removed dependency on java.awt.Color
      [openlayers3] Minor fixes and code cleanup
      [openlayers3] Fixed bugs in the Color class.
      [openlayers3] Removed extra import.
      [openlayers3] Altered the Color class to implement serializable.
      [openlayers3] Altered the escaping of String in HTML content.
      [openlayers3] Added code to escape "'" before JS output.
      [openlayers3] Removed HTML escaping of popover titles.
      [openlayers3] More code cleanup and minor changes
      [openlayers3] Added a listener for vector features
      [openlayers3] Altered to prevent unnecessary callbacks
      [openlayers3] Added a listener behavior for view changes.
      [openlayers3] Added files missing from last commit.
      [openlayers3] Added a listener that provides feature in extent data.
      [openlayers3] Merge branch 'wicket-6.x' of
https://github.com/wicketstuff/core into wicket-6.x
      [openlayers3] Added a new page to demo WFS functionality.
      [openlayers3] More work on the demo page.
      [openlayers3] Increased the size of form content.
      [openlayers3] Worked on clustering.
      [openlayers3] Fixed typo in the gitignore file.
      [openlayers3] Added links from examples to Java code
      [openlayers3] Added click handler to clustering example
      [openlayers3] Added Travis CI profile
      [openlayers3] Travis CI doesn't support Oracle JDK 6
      [openlayers3] Fixed a couple minor issues.
      [openlayers3] Optimized imports for the project
      [openlayers3] Added demo link to the README
      [openlayers3] Merge branch 'wicket-6.x' of
https://github.com/wicketstuff/core into wicket-6.x
      [openlayers3] Fixed issues with example pages

cosmin-lazar (1):
      [inmethod-grid] Issue #313 reset all dirty flag to false

klopfdreh (5):
      [minis] Add support for JSP / Servlet integration
      [minis] Add support for JSP / Servlet integration Fixes#1
      [minis] Add support for JSP / Servlet integration Fixes#2
      [minis] Add support for JSP / Servlet integration Fixes#3
      [minis] Add support for JSP / Servlet integration Fixes#4


7.0.0-M3 includes all the improvements/fixes from the latest Wicket 6.x
with many improvements to the Scala project (inspired by

Disabled projects:
- InMethod Grid - needs an update to the new implementation of the Tree
component. The old Tree component ha been deprecated in Wicket 6.x and is
removed in Wicket 7.x
- Phonebook - because Spring dropped support for iBatis in Spring 4.x

*Any help to upgrade these projects is very welcome!*

Removed projects:
- jslibraries - provided very outdated versions of the JS llibraries.
Superseded by Wicket-Webjars
- jsr303 - superseded by Wicket Bean Validation part of Wicket distro
- calendarviews-parent,
client-and-server-validation, eidogo-parent, theme-parent,
mootools-meiomask-parent, yav-parent, maven-support
- because they haven't been updated to Wicket 6.x and were disabled for all
WicketStuff 6.x releases
- gmap2-parent - because Google Maps v.2 has been deprecated by Google some
time ago. The module has been disabled in 6.x since several releases

The WicketStuff team!

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