Martin Grigorov-4 wrote
> Hi,
> The 

>  element has two JavaScript event listeners for 'click' event - one
> by Wicket's AjaxFallbackLink and another by (Knockout.js ?!) data-bind
> attribute.
> The order of their execution is not determined.
> If Wicket's listener is called first then it will get the old value: 
> null,
> click1, click2, etc.
> While data-bind's listener will get: click1, click2, click3, etc.
> Martin Grigorov
> Wicket Training and Consulting

Ough!, yes, there are two event listeners for click,. (Knockout, good
guess!), I think I'll try to make two components separately or use different

Do you think is feasible use two events in the same
component  ?, for example,. an 'event: {onfocus}' from Knockout and the

Thanks a lot Martin,. 

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