we’ve a very odd problem and are somewhat stuck, maybe someone here on the list 
has seen this sort of behaviour before.

We’ve deployed a small wicket app (4 pages) to a tomcat7 server and all 4 pages 
work just fine on the live system. 

However, when googlebot scrapes the pages, we see ComponentNotFound exceptions:

ComponentNotFoundException: Could not find component 'titleBar:menu:2:link' on 
page XYZ

We’ve tried to fetch the page as google bot from the webmaster tools, but the 
exception is not being triggered either.

No matter how we request the page, we cannot reproduce this exception. Only 2 
or 3 times a day when the bot 
indexes us, we see this in the logs.

We’ve also made sure the pages are stateless using the @StalessComponent 
annotation in combination with the StatelessChecker listener.

Has anyone an idea what could cause this?



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