I want to add extra debug information to component markup or modify
existing wicketpath info.

For now it can be easily done by using a custom default
IMarkupSourcingStrategy which has onComponentTag() method. But inside
Component.getMarkupSourcingStrategy() the default strategy is get
using a static call to a singleton
DefaultMarkupSourcingStrategy.get(). Maybe there should be a method
inside IMarkupSettings:
  IMarkupSourcingStrategy getDefaultMarkupSourcingStrategy()
which can be used in Component.getMarkupSourcingStrategy() instead a
direct call to DefaultMarkupSourcingStrategy.get().

Another solution is to invent another extension point to allow to
customize all components tags, but this described above is very simple
to implement I think.

PS. I want to add some extra information about class names where every
component come from (to allow developers, especially not GUI guys, to
easily find a source code).


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