Wow! Martijn has already done what I was suggesting we already do -
except I was proposing Bootstrap but Martijn's work looks excellent with
whatever CSS it's using.

I didn't realize that there was such an active JIRA already covering
So this worries me - why isn't Martijn's work live yet?

If myself or others do work on it or any other new website
content/styling will it also be left flapping in the wind?

Most people would only want to contribute to a website makeover that has
a high chance of being used.

What is stopping Martijn's site being updated with the latest content
updates from the latest directory in SVN and then released to the wild
and what could we do to make that happen?

There is some feedback in the JIRA but if the reason it hasn't gone live
is that "It's not quite perfect yet" then we have a classic
"perfectionist's dilemma" - not an uncommon disease amongst programmers

Really guys, Martijn's site looks a million bazillion times better than
the current live site - with or without whatever issues people think it
might have.

I really think we should bite the bullet and do whatever minimal work is
required to get Martijn's makeover to 'go live' and then work on other
"none showstopper" issues over time after that.

What if we agreed on an absolute bare minimum list of show stopper
issues that absolutely MUST be resolved in order to take Martijn's work
live and then we can distribute the work and "get it done!"?

JIRA is probably the best place to compile this list and track progress
(as separately assignable subtasks?) but here's one or two:

The only major one I can think of is Apache's requirement that site
source be in their SVN repo but Martijn's work is on github. I can think
of two options for this (could be others):

1. Establish a Git<->SVN bridge somewhere?? So that we can make
contributions via our own Git clones from which an admin can cherrypick
pull requests and then shoot these changes over the bridge to Apache's
SVN repo.

2. Do a once off port to SVN and then use SVN from then on with perhaps
SVN branching (obviously not as elegant as git branching)

I do agree with comment in the emails that there is quite a lot of
content on that single home page. I don't think this is a showstopper
that needs to be fixed before 'go live' but rather something we could
work on afterwards. 

I think we could create a few new Jekyll layouts: one for a landing page
(home page) and others where distinctive page types are required - maybe
the quickstart? 



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One last useful reference is This is the 
"official" issue to discuss new site design. Personally I like very much
which is a variation of the flat theme.
> I think we haven't mentioned yet the nice work done by Chris J. Lee:
> This should be the last version of Martijn's initial work.

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