I got my first problem where my colleagues can't help me anymore.
Because I'm fairly new to Wicket, I don't know how to describe it properly,
so here's the complete story:

We have a login form inside a Wicket Panel, which shows up as a dialog. When
the form is sent, the "onSubmit" method is called correctly and the user
gets authenticated. That works fine.

Now in my task I have to find an alternative method to login.
I want to try a QR-Code and a related app for my Android Phone. The phone
scans the code, solves the integrated challenge and sends it back to the

What I have done so far:
1) the login panel shows the QR-Code, which contains the Wicket-sessionID
and a challenge
2) a smartphone app scans the code and solves the challenge
3) on Wicket side, I implemented a stateless WebResource, which will be
contacted by the app to push the response
4) the resource has references to all open Wicket-Sessions, so I can get the
correct session via ID from 1)
5) the resource hands the response to the login panel
5) the panel proofs the response

Maybe you already guessed my problem: 
When I login normally, the "onSubmit"-method delivers the AjaxRequestTarget,
which I need to close the dialog
With the QR-Code-login, I'm now somewhere in my panel, but I don't have this
target. I can't get it with
"/RequestCycle.get().find(AjaxRequestTarget.class)/" either because there is
no Request from the browser :-(

How can I login my user (and force the browser to refresh if this is

If it helps: I'm using Wicket 6 and our session class extends

- Seb

PS: I answered to the mailing list registration, but got an error back, so I
don't know if it worked or not.

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