WicketStuff core 6.19.0 based on Apache Wicket 6.19.0 is released and
available at Maven Central.

The changelog since 6.18.0 is:

cmiles74 (31):
      Fixed bad links in the example app
      Added Travis CI status image
      Fixed bug in tile variable declaration
      Merge branch 'wicket-6.x' of https://github.com/wicketstuff/core into
      Added persistent feature and map centering
      Added Bing Maps support
      Completed first pass at modify interaction
      Merge branch 'wicket-6.x' of https://github.com/wicketstuff/core into
      Updated Travis CI config
      Started implementing drag-and-drop interactions
      Completed my first pass at implementing the modify interaction
      Completed my first pass at implementing the modify interaction
      Did battle with ID generation
      Did battle with ID generation
      Conducted mortal battle with ID generation
      Implemented interaction change and removal
      Worked on issues refreshing the Boostrap popover
      Minor scoping change for incidental variable
      Altered to collect changes before posting to server
      Altered to escape markup when Strings are stored
      Altered to store all global variables in one location
      Moved map instances into our global array
      Fixed typo with unscoped variable
      Moved timer variable into our global array
      Fixed a minor bug
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'wicketstuff/wicket-6.x' into wicket-6.x
      Cleaned up Travis config
      Fixed up post-merge issues
      Removed custom Travis configuration
      Removed custom Travis banner
      Cleaned up code, altered links in examples

Andrea Del Bene (9):
      prevented default event behavior for stateless link
      Improved StatelessAjaxFormSubmitBehavior and
StatelessAjaxSubmittingLink     following the code of their stateful
      porting of changes from master branch
      updated readme file
      improved test code
      Merge pull request #382 from openwide-java/update-serialized-page-size
      added sonatype snapshot repository
      fixed dependency on wrong Servlet version number
      trying to use the last java 6 compatible version of gae

Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov (7):
      Build against Wicket 6.19.0-SNAPSHOT
      [travis] Enable caching for Maven repository
      [travis] Wrap the exported value in double quotes
      [travis] Revert to the version before PR #378
      [select2] Update select2 to 3.5.2
      [native-websockets-javax] Copy Wicket Native WebSockets Javax from
Wicket 7.x to WicketStuff-6.x/jdk-1.7
      Release 6.19.0

Martin Grigorov (2):
      Merge pull request #373 from simpuls/wicket-6.x
      Merge pull request #378 from cmiles74/wicket-6.x

Guillaume Smet (1):
      [serializer-*] update serialized page size test in the serializer

Mathias Born (1):
      New Feature to center a map with Geocode information

Maxim Solodovnik (1):
      [select2] Make it possible to clear the input of Select2Choice and
Select2MultiChoice (by @martin-g)

klopfdreh (1):
      [HTML5] - CSS Shapes

schoemer (1):
      CompoundRequestMapper: last registered mapper has highest priority

Many thanks to all contributors !

The WicketStuff team

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