Hi all,

I'm using DataView to publish some search results in a HTML table and
what the results to format zebra style. I've found OddEvenItem for
that purpose but ran into what I find is a problem: The first item is
always rendered with CSS class "even", because the index used is 0
based. That may be correct from a technical point of view, but is not
what I want to present my users.

So I changed my creation of OddEvenItem to simply not provide index 0,
but found that my provided index is always ignored. Even if I change
my index to a constant like 1 it is ignored.

I found the problem in RefreshingView.addItems, where a loop is used
to iterate over items and an index is always set:

> protected void addItems(Iterator<Item<T>> items)
> {
>       int index = 0;
>       while (items.hasNext())
>       {
>               Item<T> item = items.next();
>               item.setIndex(index);
>               add(item);
>               ++index;
>       }
> }

This doesn't make sense to me, because the OddEvenItem ctor is
designed to take an index, which is afterwards ignored.

Two questions here:

1. Is the call to setIndex by design and one should override setIndex in
custom created items to just ignore that call? In that case the
documentation for Item should make that more clear, unless I have
missed that.

2. How should I get my OddEvenItem to print CSS classes based on a 1
index at all? Should I override onComponentTag instead of changing the
index to 1 in my newItem-method?

Thanks für help!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Thorsten Schöning

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