Hi Long,
I'm not sure how Buckaroor works and how you communicate with it to process

I'll give a  description of how I went implementing the paypal
functionality, in the hope you will find similarities.

In my functionality, a user selects a number of different types of entries
and based on the number and the types of entries, I pass paypal the relevant
information to charge the right amount.

Here is an example of what is passed to paypal :
http://www.onlineinteract.com/wiki/viewpage.php?pageId=179 and here is a
description of all parameters:

Your question states "when I reveive an answer from this site, how do I show
a page to the user so he can login?"

In paypal you have three relevant urls parameters (reference found on the
above links): 
*      Return: When the payment has been successful, where should paypal
redirect to? 
For that, you can provide a bookmarkable page with the relevant page
parameters. I trust you'll use ssl and encode your page parameters as well.
Based on those parameters (item id, amount paid, etc) you can retrieve your
relevant data and display whatever you need displayed.
*      cancel_return: when the user cancels the payment on paypal, before it
is completed. This is the page the user will be redirected to. Similar to
the "return" parameter
*      *notify_url*: this is also known as  IPN
. This is a url that paypal calls when a transaction has taken place, it can
be a successful payment, a refund and other things. This url is independent
of the return/cancel_return urls and it is mainly used to "automate
back-office and administrative functions".

So, in my case, I use the return url to take the user to a page that says
"your payment is being processed" or something like that. and it is on the
calls to notify_url that I perform the necessary checks, such as transaction
ID, id of items paid, checking that the amount paid matches what the items
cost, etc. 

The difference between return/cancel_return and notify_url (IPN) is that for
return/cancel_return, you provide the parameters. For notify_url, you
extract the data from paypal specific parameters.

I hope this helps,

let me know if you have any other questions.


Relevant links:




*Paypal IPN*:


java example of IPN integration:

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