Hi list,

One of the modules of our application is completely written in Wicket 1.4.17. 
This application runs on a single standalone Tomcat installation.

We now need to move this to AWS servers and ensure the service is 24/7 
available. We are looking to have multiple Tomcat instances (not a cluster) 
which are load-balanced with ELB.

My question is: what do I we need to do in order to achieve this? I now we'll 
have to write a IPageStore in order to serialise the page map into a shared 
database. Any suggestion on how to do this? Will we have to write a 
ISessionStore as well?

I've found a solution for clustering (see link below) which I'm now about to 
test but I've thought that it'd be useful to try get some advice from this list.


Many thanks for your help.

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