Hi all,

is there something included as feature in Wickets HeaderItems, what I can use as kind of client-side javascript observer-listener pattern?

For instance... I have components which relies on a on-dom-ready previous executed javascript, before the components internal javascripts can be executed.

So, its a kind of mix of PriorityHeaderItem and OnDomReadyHeaderItem and fire mechanism, when the scripts with priority has been successfully executed.

I would like to implement this feature as behavior, so multiple components on a page can have this pre-executed-javascript-behavior, and listen for a javascript "execution done" event.

This javascript-code should also applied to the page only once, independently how often the behavior is added to my different components on page.

I also need some sort of subscription code on javascript-side to get notified.

I already have some ideas to implement this, but would like to ask for framework-features or other inspirations, best practices or ideas, first.

Thanx for feedback!

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