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Since wicket 7 I see that index-based methods in MarkupContainer have been 

We use those methods in some of our list editors - components that allow 
editing of lists of entities inside a form which provides ordering (move an 
item up & down).
The beauty of the current methods is that we easily have very fast re-renders 
of complex editors, since we can swap the items on the server-side, and swap 
them on the client side too, and don’t have to rerender the entire list 

I know wicket 8 is quite a while away still, but would like to know what the 
preferred way of building such editors will be when wicket 8 comes out.
Since it will not be possible anymore to access elements by index and swap 
them, the only alternative we see is to re-render the entire list component - 
which means it will also have to be a “soft” form submit to not lose any input.

Any ideas?

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