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> Hello dear friends,
> I would like to ask you how to resolve my little problem. I have problem to
> handle Ajax event onChange or onInput when I want to change TextField's
> value by Javascript.
> Let me describe my situation:
> I have one TextField - I added this TextField in Wicket and added to it
> *AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior("change")*. Everythings works fine when
> I
> manually write something to the textfield - Ajax event change is invoked.
> But I am coding very customized Input Range Slider, so I created my custom
> implementation in Javascript. So, when I move with slider, TextField is
> editing but my Ajax event in Java is no invoked when I change textfields
> value in this way.
> I tried another ajax events and behaviors in Wicket, but nothing is
> working...
> How can I invoke this Ajax event manually by Javascript?
> Thank you very much
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