I have some (naive?) questions:

- Isn't it time to think about wicket and http/2?
- Must we wait for javaee8/servlet 4.0 and then wait for a new version of
wicket that supports it?
- Is it possible to implement an extension to support http/2 in wicket?
- Is it a huge effort to make this happen?

I think (most of?) the latest versions of the major browsers support
http/2, Wildfly supports http/2 server side with undertow... etc.
Known implementations of HTTP/2:

I have read Martin G:s comment from a year back about this (see below), but
not found anything else... maybe there already is an ongoing discussion
about this?


////Martins reflections about http/2 and servlet 4.0////
I'm afraid it is too early for this. We can make sure Wicket works fine in
a container supporting those but it is too early to require that. Servlet
4.0 is still in design process. Apache Tomcat didn't started implementing
any features from it. I am not sure about the status in Jetty. I know that
Undertow (the web container for JBoss Wildfly) supports HTTP 2.0 but I
haven't heard of any Servlet 4.0 features. It will take us some time to
release 8.0.0 but I think it will be too
early to require Servlet 4.0 even then.

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