Hi Sven,

of course: Ok so this is simplified somewhat: lets say we have 4 main tab
areas of the application: Contacts, Files, Calendar, Tasks. When a user
navigates from one area to the next we need to currently do a whole page
refresh, where in fact all we really need to do is refresh a sub panel via
ajax. This already is more 'old school' as I put it in the fact the user
experiences the whole page refreshing rather than say a loading/spinner in
the main panel. We want to make the web pp fell more 'app like' rather than
a succession of web pages. Another example is say we are in the "File" tab
and we want to drill down through some folders, at the moment we need to
refresh the page if we want to support the back button rather than load via

It just gives a much less slick experience as the page reloads visually,
and there is more data sent over the wire - slower page loads. But
ultimately it about the users impression of the app and feeling like an app
rather than a bunch of pages.

On Thu, Jul 7, 2016 at 1:01 PM, Sven Meier <s...@meiers.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> it would be interesting to hear what limitations you're fighting against.
> As a server-side rendered framework Wicket surely isn't the new kid on the
> block, but I can't think of anything forcing your application to be 'old
> school'.
> Can you be more specific?
> Sven
> Am 7. Juli 2016, 13:23, um 13:23, Wayne W <waynemailingli...@gmail.com>
> schrieb:
> >Hi,
> >
> >we're been using wicket for some time now and we have a very
> >established
> >application used by many clients. It is however feeling some what
> >dated,
> >due to the fact the we have to constantly reload pages to access
> >different
> >functionality/areas if the app. We use ajax fairly heavily within each
> >functional area.
> >
> >The problem is we are starting to 'feel' old school and we're loosing
> >out
> >to the competition that are based on the lasted SPA type JS frameworks
> >talking to APIs. They just feel more slick and more responsive.
> >
> >Doing some research it seems thats it not possible to transform our
> >current
> >wicket app into this form, mainly due to the issues around wicket ajax
> >state storage and history URL support in older browsers.
> >
> >Is this something the Wicket is never going to to attempt to support? I
> >cannot find anything around this subject.
> >
> >Having a huge investment in our Wicket based application, its going to
> >be
> >very very painful to move away from which we must do if we cannot keep
> >up
> >with the competition due to framework limitations.
> >
> >many thanks

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