Hi Ricardo,

You can use any front end framework with wicket, e.g. any of the million
MV* javaScript frameworks out there, and use Wicket just as a REST
provider. But IMHO you do not gain much from using wicket then (server side
componentization and state management). Or you might use a MIXED approach:
some parts using client side MV* JavaScript + some parts pure Wicket.
Besides that I use to buy ready to use CSS/HTML/JavaScript templates and
make them into Wicket applications: I haven't so far encountered any wicket
related limitations.

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> Hi List, i have been usign wicket for about 3 years now, at the beginning
> i would use some custom css and js for the ui and look and feel of the
> application, latter,  started using bootstrap mostly, but lastly it seems
> that all the new front end frameworks are being made/updated with angular
> in mind , so i would like to ask you what are you using as a front-end, is
> it just bootstrap raw or modified ? im aware of wicket-bootsrap btw, even
> used it in a couple of projects but it would've cool to have other options.
> Sorry for bad english

Regards - Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro

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