Wicket Bootstrap 0.9.19 & 0.9.20 (built against Wicket 6.24.0) and 0.10.9 &
0.10.10 (built against Wicket 7.4.0) have been released!

The changelog is:

Erik Strid (7):
      Recalculate last modified time before caching the compiled CSS
      Clear cache should also clear the url source cache
      Make sure that the less source is only compiled one time
      Added test to trigger the ConcurrentModificationException
      Fix the ConcurrentModificationException
      Cleaned up the unit test
      Removed try-with-resources statement

Martin Tzvetanov Grigorov (3):
      Update version matrix
      [BootstrapFileInput] Fixes #634 - Add
http://plugins.krajee.com/file-input#option-allowedfiletypes and
      [bootswatch] Update Cyborg and Slate themes

The Wicket Bootstrap team!

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