Yes, adding the behavoiur AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior on the text
field, solved the issue.

Thank you for solution.

Now I'm facing following situation.
When another link is clicked I need to clear the input fields (so my

I have the following added, but the form just doesn't get cleared. 
The model is empty, but the page still remains with the text, even after
page refresh.
Could you please advise?

AjaxLink<TestBean> clearLink = new AjaxLink<TestBean>("clearLink", model)
                                        private static final long 
serialVersionUID = 1L;

                                        public void onClick(AjaxRequestTarget 
target) {
                                                model.setObject(new TestBean());


PS: I hope I have subscribed to the mailing list. I have sent an email to 

Thank you

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