Hello All,

I'm successfully using following code [1] to get Panel as String
Unfortunately It is not possible to get Fragment as String this way :(

The goal I'm trying to achieve is: store email subject as wicket:fragment

Another question is: is it possible to edit markup like this
<span wicket:id="aa1"></span> - <span wicket:id="aa2"></span> <span

to be able to remove some blocks without breaking the rendering

so I can modify the markup something like this
<span wicket:id="aa1"></span><wicket:remove> - <span
wicket:id="aa2"></span> <span wicket:id="aa3"></span></wicket:remove>

The java code will remain the same:
comp.add(new Label("aa1", "AA1"), new Label("aa2", "AA2"), new Label("aa3",

And I'll get
as a result without any errors/warnings

Thanks in advance!


Maxim aka solomax

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