Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro-4 wrote
> 2- In some places, companies I have worked for as consultant, I have seen
> projects that they considered complex because the JS paraphernalia. They
> were be just trivial using Wicket. The sad thing is they did not have any
> need to scale. So, something like wicket was more than a perfect fit. 

Very much true. I am working on a system, where it is a mid or small (100 to
250 users) scaling requirement... I felt wicket is more than sufficient for
this. But I do have some issues, i will post a separate topic on the issues
to get clarified. This is more general topic.

Ernesto Reinaldo Barreiro-4 wrote
> They all used REST and some JS machinery (they also did not plan for
> mobile so
> REST was not needed). Some of these applications were not very DRY... and
> REST layer was kind of a mess where you never knew for sure what was
> actually used and not.

REST should not be a criteria for going with JS based systems.  We do have
mobile apps, we expose REST services using Spring. We dont need the same
data in web & mobile most of the time. For mobile it is very much limited.
So having a separate REST layer works well.

Lets wait n hear from some more experts on this topic. People who had done
lot of apps on JS side & Wicket side will be a good candidate, not being
Biased :) 

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