The "new" JS Frameworks in combination with JSON have made quite cheap building CRUD web app. But there are a number of factors that I personally don't like at all with this type of solutions:

- they only work with single-page applications. period. SPA is not a silver-bullet, it's not the best solution for everything. - the same can be stated for JSON. I might need to use another data format and maybe I might prefer a relational db instead of Mongo... - hard to test your app in isolation. With wicket you can test your generated HTML without even using a server. - standard "bending": you have to use something that is not pure HTML (custom tags, JSX, ...) and then COMPILE it to something standard (most of the time JS) :-(
- ...

My 3 cents.

On 14/10/2016 06:33, fzb wrote:

I am a fan of Wicket & had been working on for last 6 to 7 yrs using the
same. Recently had evaluated few frameworks Angular, ReactJS etc in view of
developing new applications, I did not feel them appealing may be due to my
very bad java script knowledge.. if at all i learn and start working on it,
I felt I am not going to be productive on it. Currently I feel Wicket due to
its Component based is very much productive and helps to give the
consistency across application in terms of look n feel etc.

Just thought of hearing comments from others as well ..  Are those using
Wicket, using other frameworks as well.  Are there any combinations which
works well with Wicket or otherwise.

- fzb

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