Thanks Martin for the reply.  Understood the points conveyed. 

Martin Grigorov-4 wrote
> It scales with the knowledge of the engineers.
> It is not just Wicket when you need big scale application.
> It goes from the OS configuration, to the selection of the databases, the
> web server config and good application code.

Is there any place or topic, where we consolidate all best practices &
learnings ?  

Martin Grigorov-4 wrote
> I personally try to use only technologies that *I* like, not because the
> marketing team of some company said that their product is the best.

Yes, agreed. But not just marketing team of that company, the industry trend
is more towards those JS frameworks like Angular, React etc.. So wanted to
know where do Wicket stand against those..  We wil be in a better position
to answer questions down the line.. As an Architect when you make decisions,
you need to stand by those and prove it..  This topic was intended to
clarify & get more insights to be able to make decision.

- fzb

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