Hi Greg,

can you open an issue and attach the quickstart.

Thank you.

On 17/10/2016 01:19, Greg Johnson wrote:
Hi, the example is a very basic “menu” example where on menu select main 
content is changed.

 From the attached quickstart …
* run Start.java
* localhost:8080/ - Home Page displays
* Press browser refresh - Home Page displays
* Press browser refresh - MarkupNotFoundException: Markup not found for 
Component: [TransparentWebMarkupContainer [Component id = wicket_link1]]

if the <wicket:link> tags are removed there is no problem. Note that there are no 
links, it is just the mere presence of the <wicket:link> tags that seems to cause the 
Perhaps the architecture is flawed, however it is not clear to me why it only 
fails on the 3rd render.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Regards, Greg Johnson

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