Here are few UI snaps of the application we had built using wicket.


The stack we had used to build this app are ..

Wicket - Client 
Hibernate - Persistence
ehCache - Caching
Spring - to glue all pieces together
MySql (AWS RDS)  - Database
Jasper - Reports
Open Flash Chart - Chart (Pending Migration to JS based)
DropWizard Metrics - to collect metrics & report
Jetty in dev & Tomcat in live server

The Pros.. in this app
 1. Easy to maintain
 2. Easy to write custom components.
 3. Not much of browser issues since we don't use JS much except for those
which wicket does.
 4. Use heavily Ajax via Wickets approach. Nothing on our own.
 5. Consistent look n feel, since developers use pre developed with css
built in components for new screens.

Overall meets the current requirement.
The Top 3 problems we want to address are ..

*1. Do not have URL for any document .. say Purchase Doc..  because it is
nested inside component hierarchy.

We designed only the top level icon based navigation as Page based. Which
means to navigate from one page to another we use
setResponsePage.(newPage)..  For these pages we have URLs.  For the second
level menu (black bar - below the icon menu) & internal tab navigation,
going from list view to detail view etc we had use component replace .. by
repainting the container with the new content.  


90% of user interactions are via this method. Hence we are not able to
generate URLs for these internal UIs. If user needs to traverse to any of
these, then they navigate to the page.. click menu.. click tab to navigate.

*2. We are using single server.  We want to use a load balancer and increase
the servers to be able to meet scaling requirement. 
 Currently we just store the user details in session, after authentication.
We need to be able to identify each request and associate session details
(from cache) to the request, so that the request can be served by either

*3. Move all static contents out of war file. *
To reduce the traffic coming in to application server, we intend to move the
static resources out of appl war file to CDN. 

*4. It is getting bigger n bigger.. Need to avoid making it monolithic *
We wanted to develop new features as micro services and slowly break the
whole app in to..  For service layers we understand how to group
functionalities.. for UI how to we break it in to multiple ? how to regroup
them as single app for the user.

Addressing these 4 will take our app to the next level. Please give your
suggestions on these ..

- fzb


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