Ok, now I found wicketstuff-rest-annotations... so, can I create a wicket
page, load resources for a java scriptframework and then use
wicket-rest-requests with ajax to integrate a SPA in my

tisdag 15 november 2016 skrev Lars Törner <lars.tor...@gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> we're developing a webbapplication to our legacy product and we're doing
> it in wicket.
> We have a few pages which are using a lot of ajax, and therefore each one
> of them could be seen as kind of a SPA. (Does that make sense?)
> Now we might have a case when a client (or we our selves) would like to
> extend the wicket webbapplication with a page/spa written in javascript
> (angular/react etc). From the users point of view, there should be no
> difference. It should be the same session etc.
> Can this be done with a dynamic resource? Or in some other way? Is it a
> bad idea or just another way to do things?
> Cheers
> Lars

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