are you using custom AjaxChannels?

By default all Ajax requests are queued in your browser, thus your timer requests should halt until the navigation has finished replacing any components. After that Wicket detects(*), that the component is no longer present in the markup and will drop all timer requests.

Perhaps you're using identical markup ids inside different panels? This would prevent (*).


On 16.11.2016 17:00, René Hartwig wrote:


in my application I have implemented a simple ajax-based navigation: Clicking the navigation link replaces the current panel with a new one.

One of the panels starts an ajax timer. If the user clicks another navigation link while the timer is still running a ComponentNotFoundException is raised. I tried to work around this problem by unbinding the timer before I replace the current panel. However, if I do that I am running into a NullPointerException:

Do you have any suggestions on how I can solve this problem? I am using Wicket v7.4.0

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