I'm using the fantastic Decebals dashboard, adding a widget json
registry and some other improvements. The idea is to provide data
streaming functionality like the one provided by graphana, kibana and

So the server will contain the datasources. And the dashboard will apply
to one or more datasources on the server. 

But I don't know what's the best way to go with wicket.

My first idea is to provide a websocket connection with a DataManager
for each user dashboard (only 1 at a time active), subscribe to
datasources, and receive the streaming over the websockets. The
DataManager then will keep track of what topic each chart wants to
receive and multiplex the result to each chart via Javascript.

This way there's only 1 connection to the server. But data can be shared
among widgets. I suppose it's not easy task.

The other way is do ajax with each chart. But I think this would make a
lot of calls to the server and I suppose it's not scalable.

Soooo. What's the best way to go?!

Any good chart integration on wicket apart of highcharts? D3js or similar...

Preview of the current work is this link:


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