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> Hi,
> we are currently using Wicket 6.17 and use a version of Atmosphere jar
> libraries (not the wicket version). Its never been great and have had lots
> of production issues with it. I'm looking to replace it with straight web
> sockets as the fall back long polling etc we never could get to work.

The integration with Atmosphere has been dropped for Wicket 8.x.
There were way too many bugs with it.

> Looking at wicket documentation around web sockets am I correct in the
> following:
> If the servlet container supports JSR356 (ie. tomcat 8) we only need to use
> *wicket-native-websocket* which comprises of *wicket-native-websocket-core
> *
>  and *wicket-native-websocket-native?*

wicket-native-websocket-native is actually named wicket-native-websocket-

> If we are on non JSR356 containers we need to use
> *wicket-native-websocket-jetty/wicket-native-websocket-tomcat* ?


> Is *wicket-native-websocket *production ready?

Yes, we think so!
People use it successfully in their applications!

> Is there any compatibility issues with Wicket 6.17?

6.17 is not supported since a long time!
You are recommended to upgrade to 6.26.0 or even better to 7.6.0.

> Finally on a separate note where can I find a 'Whats new in Wicket 7.0' -
> specifically new features etc? The change log is not very clear for me.

The migration guide has the most full information about the changes and
improvements in 7.0.0:
Any improvements in the following releases (like 7.1.0, 7.2.0, etc.) are in
the JIRA release notes.

> Many thanks

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