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Hi Maxim,

The #setLabel issue is because DateTimePicker is a composition (of a
DatePicker and a TimePicker), therefore you need to set it in #newDateTime
and #newTimePicker.
If I supply DateTimePicker#label to underlying datepicker and timepicker,
it will be unique/same for both components, and it will override any value
that may have been set by the user (in case he wish to have 2 different
labels). Maybe I can issue a warning if the user calls #setLabel...

The am/pm issue is more problematic. Kendo states that colombian am/pm
marker is a.m. and p.m. The problem is that this marker (with dots) just
does not exists in Java, AFAIK.
For the widget to work, both pattern (java & kendo) should be compatible.
That's the reason why the java pattern can be optionally supplied to
DateTimer & TimePicker ctors. But in your that case it does not help,
except if there is a way to have a custom am/pm based on a
DateTimeFormatter (it will requires a change to be able to supply the
formatter to the widget)

Conclusion : you can try to implement a DateTimeFormatter for this am/pm
case, and I will update the API if you succeed, or we consider we are
reaching a limitation and you fallback colombian to default es (I will deny
having said that colombian is like spanish, okay?)

Best regards (to Colombian people :)),

On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 1:41 PM, Maxim Solodovnik <solomax...@gmail.com>

> Hello Sebastien,
> I'm still struggling with KendoUI LocalDateTime picker:
> Observations:
> Everything works as expecting if I'm NOT ading KendoCultureHeaderItem
> What is wrong:
> 1) Pre-selected time displayed as "11:00 PM", time in drop down is
> displayed as "11:00 p.m."
> 2) The method "setLabel" doesn't work :( (Label set is not being used
> while displaying errors)
> Steps:
> 1) clone https://github.com/solomax/ajax-download
> 2) mvn jetty:run
> 3) select any "Time" from dropdown
> 4) click Submit
> Maybe you can suggest what am I doing wrong?
> Thanks in advance!
> --
> Maxim aka solomax

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