Hi everyone,

as usual I am just playing around a bit with HTTP/2 Push support and just
wanted to ensure that the experimental push support of Apache Wicket is
working like expected. :-)

I basically followed the instructions on:

and setup my tomcat with HTTP/2 like described here:

I just get confused by Firebug a bit. I attached three screenshots. The
first one is of the first request the seconds one of the second request and
the third one of the third request.

As you can see in the first one Firebug mentions that https SPDY is used
which means that the resource has been pushed. (Which is ok)

The second one I don't understand because it says 200 OK, but with no
Response Body. I just expected the second one to be like the third in which
the resource is received from out of the cache.

Anyone know why this second step happens?

kind regards and thanks in advance


P.S.: I used FireFox, because Chrome doesn't cache resource of https
connections that are not secure.
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