I'm working with Wicket 7.7 and have hit something I don't understand relating 
to how pages are written and retrieved from the DiskDataStore. I'm not sure if 
this is the correct list to post this but I would appreciate any assistance 
people can provide.

Essentially the issue I'm having is that as part of the end of the request 
cycle the commitRequest method is called on the PageManager. This eventually 
translates to a call to storeTouchedPages on the PageStoreManager. As I 
understand it this method creates a session entry if necessary and then stores 
the page instances with it - this, by default, leads to the DiskDataStore 
saving each page asynchronously.

The issue I have is where the setSessionAttributes method is called after 
storing the pages. This leads to the session attribute listeners being called. 
In this case the object is of type PageStoreManager$SessionEntry which clears 
the page store when the valueUnbound method is invoked on it. If you are using 
the default asynch page store then there is always a chance that the page will 
be stored after the setSessionAttributes method call clears the page store but 
there doesn't seem to be any guarantee of this - if it was a synchronous store 
it will never work as far as I can tell.

Obviously this will only be an issue if the page isn't in the session cache for 
some reason but to my limited understanding of this area it doesn't seem like 
the functionality is correct. Can anyone advise, is this a bug or am I looking 
at this the wrong way?

Finally, on a related point, when I was investigating this issue I noticed that 
the asynchronous flag of the application StoreSettings is never used. There is 
a check at DefaultPageManagerProvider:60 to make sure that the underlying data 
source can support asynchronous operation but I would have thought that the 
StoreSettings should also be checked as part of this if statement - is that the 




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