I haven't used Wicket with Kotlin yet.

Please try to read the field via Java reflection and report back the error and stack trace you get.


Am 15.01.2018 um 09:05 schrieb smallufo:
If a kotlin's model has a field :

class MyModel {
   private val theValue: Double
     get()  { return 1.0 }

and in the wicket page :
new PropertyModel(model , "theValue")

It will fail :

*WicketRuntimeException: Property could not be resolved for class: class
MyModel expression: theValue*

The solution : remove the private modifier :

class MyModel {
   val theValue: Double
     get()  { return 1.0 }

Is there any way to get around this (keep the private modifier) ?

(wicket 7.9.0 , Kotlin 1.2)

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