yes, it is hard to explain the issue. 
the situation is if I put the key in the choices, then the i18n works fine
for the front page ( when I click the locale change button ,the option got
translated correctly), however ,since the key is in the choices, in pdf, it
prints the verbiage key "forms.cf37.question8.oneTimeOrMonthly" instead of
exact verbiages.

if I put the value in the choices, then the verbiage prints on the pdf is
correct because the value is rendered.
however, the i18n does not work because the value is in the choices and when

"display = getLocalizer().getString(displayValue, this, displayValue);"

Here, displayValue carries the value and getString method will not work
appropriately. which means the verbiage of the options will not change
correspondingly  when I click the button.

I am think is it possible to put the key
"forms.cf37.question8.oneTimeOrMonthly"  in the choices, and then when
selecting the option in the page, render the exact value to the
dropdownchoice object ?

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