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> hi,
> When using resource references for linking to a CSS file, there is a
> possibility to have multiple versions that can be selected via the style /
> variation setting.
> What I'd like to achieve is, that the style / variation is picked based on
> the page where the resource reference is used.
> This I can achieve currently by placing a wicket:link element in the
> header:
> <head>
>     <wicket:link>
>         <link rel="stylesheet" type="text//css/" href="theme./css/">
> </wicket:link>
> </head>
> This is all fine, however if I don't use the above "autolink" feature,
> instead I'd like to add the reference as a HeaderItem in code, picking up
> of the style / variation no more works. Looking into the source code, the
> only path where style / variation info is read in this case if from
> getSession().getStyle(), which is not OK for me, because I'd like to have
> it set based on the page and not based on a global setting.
> Is there some way to make the HeaderItem aware of the page and pass the
> style/variation info to the resource reference?

I think this is not supported at the moment.

> Thanks,
> Istvan

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