Yes I’m quite sure Wicket is not doing this; I’ve perused the source code
many times (especially the resource handling parts), and there is no code
for listings.

Furthermore, since listings can pose a security risk, there would be a
setting to disable this; Such a setting is not available.

Are you certain web sphere is picking up your configuration?

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Op 13 februari 2018 bij 17:12:19, Entropy (blmulholl...@gmail.com) schreef:

But I have "/*" mapped t the wicket servlet. /images is under "/*". I have
no servlet mapping enabling /images or other subdirs.

further, we're in websphere and in the ibm-web-ext.xml we have directory
browsing set to false.

<enable-directory-browsing value="false"/>

You're certain Wicket doesn't do this? I tried removing my wicket servlet
and getting to the images folder and it didn't work. We're in Wicket 6 if
it matters.

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