WicketStuff core 8.0.0-M9 based on Apache Wicket 8.0.0-M9 is released
and soon will be available at Maven Central!

The changelog since 8.0.0-M8 is:

Maxim Solodovnik (14):
      Libraries are updated to the most recent versions
      hazelcast version is updated
      Library versions are updated to most recent ones
      Language files are moved to XML format
      Documentation update
      Libarary versions are updated
      Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/florianlacreuse/core
into florianlacreuse-master
      Merge branch 'florianlacreuse-master'
      Merge pull request #620 from rene-d-menoto/debug-log-widgets
      White-spaces are fixed
      Fixes issue #621: gson is excluded from compile time
dependencies of closure compiler
      Possibility to specify Google API key via command line is added
      cglib version is reverted to 3.2.5 (ASM 6 seems to be
unsupported), missing serialVersionUID are added
      Wicketstuff 8.0.0-M9 release

Dieter Tremel (8):
      Fixed missing ";" after DataTable javascript.
      Let javadoc link to com.github.openjson.
      Ajax refresh working now by use of OnDomReadyHeaderItem.
      More flexible javascript generation.
      Implement javascript generation for ChartWrapper.
      Merge upstream/master
      Merge branch 'gchart-ajax-fix'
      Implement ajax update of chart inside chart component.

René Dieckmann (5):
      Debug logable widgets.     When we log widgets in debug mode, a
NPE is thrown.     This happens when no title is provided to widget.
  But it is included in toString on hashCode.     Provide a usable
      Debug logable widgets.
      Debug logable widgets.
      Debug logable widgets.
      Debug logable widgets.

Andrea Del Bene (3):
      Fix for unit test as the expected HTML has changed (wicket-event
has     been removed)
      Code adapted to WICKET-6503
      Fixed  test for date time. Changed progressbar to comply with
the last     8.x code

Florian Lacreuse (1):
      Added settings support for select2 behavior.

The WicketStuff team

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