I am not sure that I understand your concern.
OpenJDK and Oracle JDK are supposed to behave the same way.
If they don't than there is a bug in either of them.
I guess your question is whether Wicket will be tested better with only one
of them ? So far I've never really cared which JDK I use for a project. But
I'd suggest you to use the same flavor and version everywhere
(development, staging and production)

On Feb 23, 2018 5:42 PM, "Mihir Chhaya" <mihir.chh...@gmail.com> wrote:


This question is more for the Apache Wicket core team.

As Oracle has announced the release train approach, could you share Apache
Wicket's release plan for OpenJDK/Oracle JDK and any concerns with using

We use various frameworks including Apache Wicket 7.x w and w/o
Spring/Hibernate, and currently looking for various available option (full
scale OpenJDK or hybrid model with OpenJDK on local and Oracle JDK on
server etc.).


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