Hi Ravi,

You don’t mention what’s in front of your application servers.

Are you doing non-sticky load balancing?

Or are you having issues when the user hits the same application server?
(Which would be a different issue)

Met vriendelijke groet,
Kind regards,

Bas Gooren

Op 2 maart 2018 bij 13:43:49, Ravi (ravi.k...@intellinet.de) schreef:

Hi all,

we have the following scenario;

Our single-page application is a 100% used for application forms and makes
heavy use of ajax calls (validation, visibility, etc).
There might even be an ajax call for every blur on an input field.

We're trying to put this application in a wildfly cluster that replicates
the session & pagestore through infinispan.

It seemes that the pagestore is not replicated fast enough(?), so that we
get a ComponentNotFoundException.

After playing around with the wicket/infinispan configuration our setup
looks like this:

- HttpSessionDataStore
- getStoreSettings().setAsynchronous(false);
- getStoreSettings().setInmemoryCacheSize(0);

- cluster mode (ha profile)

- Distributed cache with default config

Although this configuration seems to work now and then, it still breaks
quite often and is very fragile.
Since no one here has a lot experience with clustering, maybe someone here
has any theoretical/practical experience and is willing to share :)

Needles to say that we googled the web and forum ;)

Thank you,


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