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I need some help with FormTester and Ajax.
I want to test a form, in which the second dropdown is updated in ajax when we 
change the first dropdown.
The form is working fine but I can't manage to test it.

DropDownChoice<Company> companyDropDownChoice = new DropDownChoice<>( 
"company", LoadableDetachableModel.of( ()-> getCompaniesList() ), new 
CompanyChoiceRenderer<>() );
managerDropDownChoice.setRequired( true );
form.add( companyDropDownChoice );

DropDownChoice<User> managerDropDownChoice = new DropDownChoice<>( "manager", 
LoadableDetachableModel.of( () -> 
getUserList(companyDropDownChoice.getConvertedInput()) ), new 
UserChoiceRenderer<>() );
managerDropDownChoice.setRequired( true );
form.add( managerDropDownChoice );

companyDropDownChoice.add( new AjaxFormComponentUpdatingBehavior( "change" ) {
        protected void onUpdate(AjaxRequestTarget target) {
                target.add( managerDropDownChoice );
} );

FormTester formTester = tester.newFormTester( "form" );
formTester.select( "company", 0 );
tester.executeBehavior( (AbstractAjaxBehavior) 
tester.getComponentFromLastRenderedPage( "form:company" ).getBehaviors().get( 0 
) );
formTester.select( "manager", 0 );  // Throws 
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index 0 out-of-bounds for length 0

Of course I made sure that when the company at index 0, getUserList() returns 
some items.
Also, I made sure that when calling tester.executeBehavior, getCompaniesList() 
is indeed called. 
It's more like if formTester does not update the dropdown...

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance,

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