This is actually relatively simple!


   - Create a mapper for this which extends AbstractMapper
   - Return a compatibility score which is higher than other mappers if you
   want to override them (e.g. return Integer.MAX_VALUE)
   - Implement mapRequest() to resolve the url to a RenderPageRequestHandler
   - Implement mapHandler() to resolve a handler for your target page class
   to a url (e.g. check for IPageClassRequestHandler and use provided page
   parameters to build url)
   - Mount your custom mapper in your application’s init() method


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Bas Gooren

Op 11 april 2018 bij 09:47:16, Korbinian Bachl (
korbinian.ba...@whiskyworld.de) schreef:


where would I need to look at if I wanted to resolve the path from the root
of the webapplication inside a wicket application root?

e.g.: domain.com <- has wicket app on ROOT deployed
domain.com/foo <- path mapped to foo-webpage
domain.com/foo/bar <- I now want to get the request not resolved by
foo-webpage but by my own custom resolver-webpage but I cant map this as
usual as the mapping comes from a DB and can change anytime
domain.com/bar2 <- I also want to hijack this one temporary even we have a
page mounted to /bar2

Any idea how I might "hijack" the request and resolve it to another page?



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