See AbstractSingleSelectChoice#setNullValid(boolean)

Of course, it is still shown when the user has not selected a value before
(so null model value at render time). But once a value has been selected
before (so non-null value at render time), the “Choose one” option is not
shown anymore.

To override the “Choose one” text on the initial render, have a look at
AbstractSingleSelectChoice#getDefaultChoice(String), as it documents which
translation keys are used for these cases.

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Op 25 juni 2018 bij 14:26:46, JavaTraveler (meteor.ei...@gmail.com) schreef:

Hello everyone, I wish to get rid of the "choose one" option. Wich is
equivalent to null, if i'm not mistaken.

ddlSociete = new DropDownChoice<SocieteDto>("societe", new
PropertyModel<SocieteDto>(pointageMasseSearchDto, "societe"), new
LoadableDetachableModel<List&lt;SocieteDto>>() {
protected List<SocieteDto> load() {
return societes;

}, new ChoiceRenderer<SocieteDto>("numeroLibelle", "numero"));

I was thinking about imposing a default value to replace the null one with
one from my List.
I tried everything i could find but nothing worked. It can't be that
complicated, can it ?

THanks in advance for your answers.

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