This is because without additional configuration, your tomcat does not
“know”/see that the original request came in by https.

Wicket has support for automatically picking this up, see

(property “protocolHeader).

You can install it with the following code in your Application’s init

getFilterFactoryManager().add( new XForwardedRequestWrapperFactory() );

We have set the property “protocolHeader” to “X-Forwarded-Proto”, and set
this header in our apache vhost configuration:

Header set X-Forwarded-Proto “https”

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Op 4 augustus 2018 bij 12:44:59, smallufo (small...@gmail.com) schreef:

My server is apache frontend , redirecting all port 80 to 443
and with '/app' prefix , proxyPass to internal tomcat , listening to port

I use the following line to get full url
val absUrl =


The browser url shows https
but the absUrl is http

I trace the code , down to
UrlRenderer.resolveProtocol() and choose()

find my
request.getClientUrl().getPort() = 80

so it chooses http , not https

Any way to fix this ?


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