I'm trying to use WicketModal with a newer, more accessibility friendly modal
that our front-end guy picked out.  


I copied the source from wicket-extensions ModalWindow and was replacing
javascript and customizing until I came to the getWindowOpenJavaScript()
method.  In that, it's doing alot more than javascript.  It has the
following code block.

So I am guessing this is creating a whole other page because i think the
wicket modal is in an iframe.  I kind of feel, therefore, that I can dump
all of this.  Or does it serve some greater purpose than i realize?

                        Page page = createPage();
                        if (page == null)
                                throw new WicketRuntimeException("Error 
creating page for modal
                        CharSequence pageUrl;
                        RequestCycle requestCycle = RequestCycle.get();

                        if (page.isPageStateless())
                                pageUrl = requestCycle.urlFor(page.getClass(),
                                IRequestHandler handler = new 
                                pageUrl = requestCycle.urlFor(handler);

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