I am facing a strange behavior and I need your help to root cause it.

1) I still use Wicket 6.3
2) the problem occurs when the application runs on Apavhe Tomcat 7. Not
tested on any other app server

3) The issue is as foillows
a) under a specific scenario a page is displayed along with a dialog box (a
warning to the user)
b) the user dismisses the box & clicks on a button to bring up a new dialog
c) when the user click on the "dismiss" button (Ajx button) if that dialog
box wicket throws a component not found exception  because it cannot find
the "button" is the page. 

However: the page is 'displayed' as it must and each and every component
that i expect in the dialog box is there. This tells me that the page has
been correctly built & update, and that the "modifications" ave been 
propagated to the browser.

I wonderd what happened, so I did the following
The application,n after having created  or updated a page keeps a "pointer"
to the WebPage in the Wicket session
When an AJAX event is received I take a look at the contents of the HTTP
request & more precisely to the Http Session and, when the exception occurs
I notice the following:
1) the reference to the page in the Wicket session is exactly what it must
2) the page is the "page store" that is used to "match" the incoming request
to the "target page" is an outdated one. Actually it is a couple of
"incoming messages & page updates" old

It looks like either the page, when modified by the application is not
updated (or the updated vesion does not replace the obsolete on) or the page
is not serialized/deserialize as it must

Once again this is a very specific scenario so the anomaly must be in ^my
code. I have beed unable to root cause it and I was wondering is someone
could help me with this


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