We recently added wicket-jquery-ui MessageDialog
to our app.  But the demo renders the buttons like so:

>button class="ui-button ui-corner-all ui-widget" id="btn04"

But when we use it in our app, there is no class set.  Also, the demo starts
with the focus on the Ok button.  In ours, the user has to initiate an extra
tab before the focus is on the button.  

The demo code doesn't seem to be adding it explicitly, and our use of it
seems pretty mundane.

                msgDialog = new MessageDialog("exitConfirmDirty", "Unsaved 
DIRTY_MESSAGE, DialogButtons.YES_NO, DialogIcon.WARN) {

                                        private static final long 
serialVersionUID = 1L;

                                        protected Component newLabel(String id, 
IModel<String> model) {
                                                return super.newLabel(id, new 
                                        public void onClose(AjaxRequestTarget 
target, DialogButton
buttonPressed) {
(buttonPressed.getName().equalsIgnoreCase("Yes")) {

And the button event that opens the dialog looks like:


Anyone have any idea why i am getting different behavior than the demo?

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