I'm trying to use WebSocket in Wicket 8.3.0, with Tomcat 7.0.85.

In pom, I have: 


In web.xml, I did change the WicketFilter class name with:

In my page, I have:

protected void onInitialize() {

        add( new WebSocketBehavior() {
                protected void onConnect(ConnectedMessage message) {
                        super.onConnect( message );
                        System.out.println( "onConnect" );
                        WebSocketService.getInstance().addClient( message );

When I open the page in the browser, the "onConnect" function is never 
(I also noticed that the class WicketEndpoint is never called, I feel that it 
should be called at some point).

Any idea of what I'm missing?

Thanks in advance,

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