I'm doing a redirect from Wicket code like*   throw new RedirectToUrlException("http://mydomain/file(1).txt?Signature=JdfsuerJQEWQA2"); *and this should redirect user to this page which is accessible if signature is valid (checks if URL did not changed).

But, when doing the redirect Wicket escapes the brackets - so browser received in header location=*http://mydomain/file%281%29.txt?Signature=JdfsuerJQEWQA2 *, but the server does not accepts the request because signature does not match this URL.

For this:
1. is there any other way to do the redirect without escaping URL?

2. is it a browser problem - it should unescape URL before doing redirect? have some doubts, since all (Chrome, IE, Firefox) works the same 3. would it be the responsibility of the targeted server to decode / unescape URL and then check for the signature?

Thank you,
Calin Pavel

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